We have received a small grant from Action Bladder Cancer UK to develop our protocols for patients who present with blood in the urine. The grant will help us raise awareness amongst our patients that if they see ‘visible blood’ in the urine, especially in the absence of an infection, we would want to hear from them immediately. This is because there can be several serious causes of this such as bladder and kidney tumours.

We are also focusing our attention on patients who may have ‘non visible blood’ in the urine, which is found on dipstick testing, but not visible to the eye as this is also important to check for and investigate where appropriate.

Once we have developed our protocols, we will share these with other practices to help improve diagnosis & awareness.In the meantime if you experience blood in your urine, urine frequency or pain please drop a sample into the surgery and complete one of our urine questionnaires. It is important you tick all appropriate symptoms on the form so we can treat you appropriately.

Please click on the link below to read the symptoms & top tips leaflet from Action Bladder Cancer UK

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Ian, our Advanced Nurse Practitioner raising awareness about 'Blood in your pee - know who to see' at our Galmpton 2019 event